We do entire interiors right from space planning, design & execution till handover.

It is just like asking a Doctor to charge fees only after patient cure from diseases. It is not viable because design is custom made, it takes our time and resources, and also we stand no option of casing our expenses if not paid by the customer. We value our time more than money and we don’t prefer to risk either of it. But we’ll make sure you are given enough opportunities to check our previous designs better before confirming the project.

To employ our innovative skills and execute it with the best quality design and give out a first-class output, we cannot hurry through any of the steps. We know that your time is precious and that’s why we get there at a time specification for every project at the begin of the project and stick to it as good as possible.

We don’t charge for designs, when you take up our services.

Our Time, Creation, Plan, Knowledge and Skills are what you mean by a Rough draft and we don’t share them for free. A good design is a well thought result and it only happens when we are confident of the acknowledgements.

Yes, we provide concepts and designs alone for which we charge Rs 20 to Rs 35 / sq. ft depending upon the size & difficulty of the project.We will undergo one site visit before starting the designs.

All materials used by RICCO are quality tested and RICCO takes the complete responsibility for the quality of the materials.

We provide 1 year free maintenance for all products installed.

We provide 1 year replacement warranty for all hinges & channels used.

We provide 10 years replacement* warranty for anti-corrosiveness for all SS materials like kitchen accessories, SS pipes etc.

It will usually take 25 to 90 working days and even more depending on the size of the project.

If your site is all set (walls are constructed) and you are involved in doing interior work • We will come for site visit and examine your site, take measurements, learn your prerequisite and take your inputs.

Then we will fix a quote for you and send it to you through e-mail.

Meanwhile you may visit our office and meet our designers directly. You can see our existing project designs & other sample displays here.

If you are comfortable with our quote then you can confirm the work by paying 10% of the project price & sign the documents.

We will begin with the designs for your site and will start sending you the designs from the third day of confirmation.

Once the design is approved, we will start the execution, by delivering the material as our first process.

No special maintenance is needed and any dirt that gets accumulated can be cleaned away, similarly you would clean your existing home interiors.

A false ceiling usually lasts as long as the life of the building interior except any of the systems are physically damaged or abused.

The packages we have introduced now are in offer, from which you can directly save 15% when compared to customize.

Package 1 – You want your house to be simply furnished with basic things, you can go with this package.

Package 2: This is an excellent package. If you want whole interior work for your home, we strongly suggest this.

Cool. It’s a question whether to go branded or non-branded for your dream house. We get what we pay for. The same goes for your home interiors. The idea, approach and specialized tools used to attain a fussy design can never be imitated by an unprofessional. The choice is always yours.

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