Interior Designing and Decoration Color Selection Tips By Best Interior Designers

In Interior designing and decoration Colors plays a major role. You’ve really got to put colors together and use your eye to see what works. If this is intimidating-let’s just say you’ve already been told that color isn’t your strong point (Was it so wrong to wear an orange striped top and purple check skirt to your sister’s wedding?) then look around you to see what color choices other people have made.

Styles Colors Patterns in Interior Designing

You can start with your style folder: Look at all those pictures you tore out of magazines. Next go to your closet and look at clothes you own that have patterns or plaids. What colors did the designers team together? Check out gardens, stationery, labels on foods at the grocery store.

Color Harmony in Interior designing and decoration

In Interior Designing and decoration, there are hundreds of examples of color harmony all around you. You’re less likely to go wrong if you try and keep the number of colors you have in a room to three, four at the most, with one or two of those colors being neutral. I’m not saying that more colors can’t work, but keeping it to a minimum makes it more likely that you can find colors that complement one another. And I’m not just talking about paint and furniture colors. I’m talking about everything you put in a room, from window shades and bedding to rugs and big pieces of artwork.

Wall Painting Experiment for Interior designing and decoration

There are a couple of other things you can also do to find colors that harmonize well. First, experiment with the shades you like right on your walls. Don’t just hold up little swatch cards and extrapolate in your mind. Paint fairly big circles or squares of color next to each other so that you can see how they really look together. This will also give you a chance to see if the colors look different in your home than they do in the can. Colors take on a different cast depending on where they are.

Lighting effect to brightenup Colors in Interior designing and decoration

The location of your windows, what kind of lighting you own, what part of the country you live in, and what’s directly outside your door reflecting in, are all going to affect how your walls look so check them out both when the sun is streaming in and at night when the lights are on. Contact us for more information on Color selection please contact us.

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