Modular Kitchen Designing and Installation

Modular Kitchen Cupboard restoration

DON’T GIVE UP ON an elderly Modular Kitchen cupboard that has staunchly stood the test of time, despite much wear and tear. Instead, consider restoring it. Apply new paint in a toning colour on top of the old; then, to emphasize the charm of age, distress the piece by gently sanding away the new paint so that the original Colour.

Partly revealed, blends with the new. Coarsely grained wood, such as pine, with well-defined knots, is best for this technique to restore the Modular Kitchen Cupboard.

Painting the Modular Kitchen

Finally, paint the inside of the Modular Kitchen Cupboard in a contrasting colour and line the shelves of Modular Kitchen Cupboard, with a vibrant plastic-coated fabric for a finish that is both colourful and serviceable. Remove the door knob and set aside (clean and polish it if necessary). Use a heavy craft knife to cut away the old wire mesh. Brush out any debris, then wash the cupboard inside and out with warm, soapy water. Leave the cupboard to dry at least ovemight before continuing.

Smoothening Modular Kitchen

Use coarse sandpaper on the outside of the Modular Kitchen Cupboard to rub down the new paint so that the old paint is revealed in places (wrapping the sandpaper around a wood block may help). Take care to follow the grain of the wood, and avoid rubbing too hard. finish with fine sandpaper.

Replace the door knob of Modular Kitchen Cupboard Cut a piece of wire mesh, using pliers or snips, slightly larger than the door, and attach it to the front of the door with staples (or a staple gun). Cover the raw edges of the wire mesh with narrow wooden battens, glued and nailed to fix them in place of the Modular Kitchen Cupboard.

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