How to Fix Wall Papers in Interior designing and decoration Tips By Top Home Interior Designers

Do It Yourself Tips by Best Interior designers in Coimbatore

In Interior Designing and decoration, When hanging delicate wallpapers, you may find that a clean foam paint roller does a better job than a brush when it comes to smoothing the newly hung paper down. Interior designers say apply only the  lightest pressure to avoid marking the paper. When hanging paper from a platform, adjust its height so that you can stand comfortably without having to bend your neck or stretch your arms too far above your head.

Tools You Need before fixing wall papers in Home Interior designing

1 Smoothing brush

2 Steel tape measure

3 Scraper

4 Decorating scissors

5 Seam roller

6 Sponge

Special Tools for Do it your self Residential Interior designing and decoration

Depending on the job, Professional home interior designers advice that, you may need a certain number of special tools for applying wallcoverings. The following is a checklist of basic essentials: Pasting table A sturdy, purpose-made pasting table is a wise investment. Easy to move, to store, and to put up, it provides a stable surface of ideal dimensions and makes pasting very much simpler.

Alternatively you can use a flush door laid over trestles. Bucket Use a clean plastic one for paste, with string tied across t top between the handle joints. You can then rest the pasting brush across the string when it is not in use. Scissors You will need a pair of long decorating scissors, and a small pair for trimming. Craft knife For use with a metal straight-edge or cutting guide t trim vinyls and heavy papers.

Scissors are best with thin, wet pat Pasting brush Choose a brush at least 10 cm wide, and keeps it only for pasting. as our interior designer suggests, Smoothing brush Also known as a paperhanger’s brush, this ha stiff but soft bristles and is used to brush trapped air out to the edge of paper and press the wallcovering into place. Always keep clean and dry.

Sponge Essential for wiping away any surplus paste while it is still wet. Seam roller Use this small wood or plastic roller to press down seams once the wallcovering is up.  

Plumb line and weight in Interior designing and decoration

In Interior designing, this is used to produce true verticals. In Interior designing, It is an essential piece of equipment for forming the starting point for every wallpapering job. A builder’s line will hang better than ordinary string. Pencil Use an HB or softer lead for marking the paper clearly. Oversharp or harder leads can tear the more delicate papers.

Steel tape usage in Interior designing and decoration

These measures are typically 3.5m long, which should be adequate for measuring the height of normal walls in interior designing. Rule It is important to have a rule long enough to span the roll’s width – normally’ about 53cm. A retractable rule by interior designers, may tear the paper, so it is best not used. Set square A large plastic square for any improvised square, is useful for checking that your cuts are at a constant 900 angle.

Sanding pad usage in Interior designing

Keep one to hand for sanding away any scraps of old wallpaper or lining paper you may find on a stripped wall just as you are about to hang the new paper. Likewise, a sharp scraper is a useful standbyas advised by interior designers.

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