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Atmosphere e mood

IN THE GLOAMING Within the safe enclosure of pierced iron lanterns, lit candles are a pleasant way to brighten the dusk.

BENEFICIAL CONTRAST Shadow is a necessary and restful contrast to sunlight

Open interior doors to let A white ceiling rejects light,
in fresh air as well as light whatever a room’s decor

THIS LIVING ROOM, pictured first on a sunny morning and then at night, illustrates how natural and artificial light can be advantageously used to suggest different moods for day and evening. Sunlight spills in through open doors and windows from its first morning rays until twilight, and the room is alive with its energy. At night, with the curtains closed and a wood fire ablaze, pools of yellow lamplight suggest quiet activities, such as reading a book, while shadowy corners encourage thoughtful conversation and peaceful repose. DAYLIGHT VITALITY Right & below It is vital to maximize sunlight and natural light, particularly at times when both are scarce.